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The owners are both lovely and make us feel right at home - a real highlight of our trip.

The Bn B is in a wonderful location and is such a peaceful place to stay.

Drawing upon four-and-a-half years of ethnographic research, I have found that cultural practices, such as potlatching, addressing grief, knowing genealogies, and participating in oral traditions, have strengthened Nuuchaanulth communities in the Valley amidst entrenched capitalism and ongoing colonialism.

I begin by using the concept of encounter to illustrate histories on the Westcoast generally, and the Alberni Valley more specifically.

This dissertation explores how Nuuchaanulth people living in Port Alberni, British Columbia articulate their sense of place and belonging in the Alberni Valley through tuupatii (ceremonial rights and privileges), genealogies, histories, material culture, and everyday engagement with the landscape.